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within the movie i’m working on there is another movie and this is the first draft. to be projected on theatre curtains. soundtrack’s mine, Hopeful Theme.

Walking Around theme 

soundtrack i made for the movie. Opening theme


Heart time, those
we dreamt stand up for
the midnight cipher.

Something spoke into stillness, something was silent,
something went its way.
Banished and Vanished
were at home.

You cathedrals.

You unseen cathedrals,
you rivers unheard,
you clocks deep in us.

Paul Celan

Jean Richafort
‘Sufficiebat nobis paupertas’ motet
Huelgas Ensemble

But there are not two laws, that was the next thing I thought I understood, not two laws, one for the healthy, another for the sick, but one only to which all must bow, rich and poor, young and old, happy and sad. He was eloquent. I pointed out that I was not sad. That was a mistake. Your papers, he said. I knew it a moment later. Not at all, I said, not at all. Your papers! he cried. Ah my papers. Now the only papers I carry with me are bits of newspaper, to wipe myself, you understand, when I have a stool. Oh I don’t say I wipe myself every time I have a stool, no, but I like to be in a position to do so, if I have to. Nothing strange about that, it seems to me. In a panic I took this paper from my pocket and thrust it under his nose. The weather was fine.

from Samuel Beckett’s Molloy